New Artists June 2018

June 2018 Artists
It’s getting serious over here with the launch of new artists in the ChillCave collective. Each purchase from ChillCave supports these hardworking artists while giving you and your home the chill it deserves.
Diana de AvilaDiana de Avila, an abstract and fractal artist from Sarasota, Florida with a background in IT. Diana’s style is quirky, fun and mind-bending art, with a touch of modern. You can often recognize Dian’s art by her stylistic red DOT. Shop Diana's collections.
Ellie MonzonEllie Monzon is a mom and indie designer from Phoenix Arizona who has been making art of many sorts since she can remember. Everything from jewelry and crafts to digital art and web design. You’ll currently find her making a lot of creepy-cute pastel goth and vaporwave inspired designs. Shop Ellie's collections.
Eric SchroenEric Schroen grew up in Colorado, spending his childhood climbing rocks, riding bikes and camping with his family which led to a lifelong love of the great outdoors and a respect and appreciation of nature, wildlife, and the environment. Those childhood experiences influenced his approach to design today and set the tone for his career as a graphic designer. Shop Eric's collections.
Jeremiah De VeraJeremiah De Vera is a graphic designer in Quezon City, Philippines whose designs are reminiscent of vintage cartoons with dark undertones. In addition, Jeremiah creates pixel art and doodles. Shop Jeremiah's collections.
Julius GarridoJulius Garrido is an artist from the Philippines who now lives in Denver, Colorado who makes digital collages out of old engravings. With a passion for the outdoors, he goes on hikes in the Rockies regularly with his husband. Shop Julius' collections.

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